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​​Protected Designation of Origin oil Terre Tarentine quality planning, training and research


This book is entirely based on a MBA dissertation research project.
The dissertation considers the proposition that Universities in Puglia (south Italy) should support the quality system of Protected Designation of Origin oil production Terre Tarentine. In the dissertation, main literature on oil production is reviewed and qualitative characteristics of such oils are illustrated. The emphasis is then placed on the quality systems and the support that the supply chain should receive from Universities and research centres. Two small scale studies are presented in the form of interviews and survey. Consequently recommendations for scholarly research and training are suggested. This dissertation concludes that it is in the interest of the whole Taranto Boroughs community to progress towards a new understanding of the quality systems governing production. Findings suggest that there is scope for the Terre Tarentine supply chain innovation and that Universities networked with research clusters and local business can be the main players in supporting training and advancing research in the field for the benefit of the whole community.




Knowledge management

Knowledge sharing and training