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Zero defect olive oils: QA planning for the protected designation of origin


In recent times the industry of olive oil has witnessed a growth of Protected Designation of Origin olive oil labels sharing a bigger portion of the oil market for culinary use and tasting. A new added bonus for daily choices of consumers well educated to taste and in search of unique characteristics in olive oils. Modern lifestyles of healthy conscious consumers are indicating how oil purchase choices are made following the information on their health benefits. Purchases of oil are now likely to be based as much on the medical properties of oils, as on preference of taste or sensory characteristics. Consequently the industry has attracted the attention of operators interested in valuing their production and also willing to explore new niche areas for the high-end market. Shelves invaded with new brands and blends of olive oils are becoming the standard in modern shopping places and new ways to orient the customers are emerging, making the place less wild and more attractive to newcomers and less experienced. For new entrants in the market it seems to be an uneasy job with many confusing points regarding the convenience of returns on investments whilst the already established producers are searching new ways to make their product reach wider market segments. In this book I explain how the industry works. The reader can find useful suggestions on how to define a place within the supply chain with activities at a lower cost. This is the main interest of modern producers, marketers, sommeliers and professionals working in the olive oil industry adopting a strategic approach to enter the future market of high quality olive oils. Zero defect olive oils illustrates some integration strategies and how to integrate smoothly within the supply chain satisfying consumer demands. This is an innovation in thinking strategically in a market dominated by conformation to standards. Zero defect olive oils is undoubtedly useful for all operators who would like to embark on a new olive oil production as other production channels become saturated by high imports and market stagnation.

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