Ux Designer, researcher & developer.

As things come as they are.

Ux Design

Offline world activities are analysed and migrated online through relevant methododologies, theories and practical applications of heuristics.

Web design

Design and development for small-medium sized companies of web-sites with front-end and back-end integration.


Business environments and areas of business knowledge application are explored, analysed with self-developed tools and test-benches.


Development of customised software, web applications and stand alone apps.


In course of Publication
To be released September 15th, 2020
Editor: Independently published

Research report

Web crawler scraper



CronBatch is a web app that serves well the purpose of online sampling, web page identification, input for statistics, to assist researchers in carrying out netnographic studies and online surveys.

Application web site

In course of Publication
To be released December 20th, 2020
Editor: Independently published

Selling olive oil online

The book presents a collection of ideas, principles, methods and scenarios to satisfy the demanding needs of designers and e-tailing oil marketers to keep abreast of the digital revolution. A practical set of design principles is coupled with scenarios to expand the idea about design possibilities and practically illustrate how to progress consistently whilst generating business ideas and design prototypes.

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Publication Date: December 15, 2018
Editor: Independently published

Terre Tarentine olive oil

This book is entirely based on a MBA dissertation research project. The dissertation considers the proposition that Universities in Puglia (south Italy) should support the quality system of Protected Designation of Origin oil production Terre Tarentine.

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